Our Mission? Make humanity better.

Here at  NeuroGlory Enterprises, we recognize humanity’s unique potential to drive our own evolution. We offer a number of great cyborgization procedures for those wishing to take their life beyond the usual human experience.

Our Procedures

In 2038, NeuroGlory Enterprises was founded. Three years later, the dream of human enhancement took a huge step forward with the installation of the first neural net. Today, NeuroGlory Enterprises continues to provide top notch cyborgization procedures to clients worldwide. We provide preoperative counseling, too.

Augmentation 0

The 0 Augmentation is the first procedure we offer. Using our patented surgical methods, basic Internet and cloud computing capabilities are installed in the cyborg’s brain.

Augmentation 1

This procedure includes the implantation of our patented high-speed photocatalytic oxidation air filters into the lungs, which allows for enhanced oxygenation

Augmentation 2

The 2 Augmentation is a phenomenal way to take your augmentations from primarily internal modifications to those that improve your interfacing with the rest of the world.

Augmentation 3

Expect to perceive the unexpected! Our Augmentation 3 provides enhancements for all five senses, and adds several new ones! Receiving it is a favorite goal of artists!

Augmentation 4

The 4th Augmentation is the first in the series of strength augmentations. While not all of our clients make it to this tier of augmentations, it’s a step towards joining our inner circle

...and beyond!

Clients who meet certain criteria may expect invitation to join NeuroGlory’s private circle of cyborgs and receive advanced procedures. Invitation only, by design.

“Taking evolution into your own hands can be frightening. At NeuroGlory, we take the anxiety out of cyborgization. Do you dream of posthumanity? You’re not the only one. Join us now!”

Jonas Overton

Chief Executive Officer, NeuroGlory Enterprises

Ascension is Our Mission.

24/7 tech support provided for existing customers in good standing

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